Huy Thai - Founder & CEO

“Nothing is as annoying as forgetting your favorite coat at home when you travel oversea.”

Last trip from HCMC to Sydney gave me an idea of creating a community from where I can easily find out people who would have the same trip with me, and willing to give a hand for some bounties. Vikky, a tool which helps people to have their utmost needs done, from cleaning their kitchen to bringing them something they forgot at home.Vikky makes it easy with a built-in connecting point to point, city to city system which you usually see in airlines’s magazines.

With 10 years establishing a Digital Marketing agency, and 03 years managing 02 Dental Laboratories in Phnom Penh and Sydney, I can understand what a traveler, a new guess in the city, a local person, or a business truly need. Me and my enthusiastic team worked tirelessly, with a big ambition we was inspired to create Vikky and provided our service to a decent crowd, now is the next step to expand it globally!.